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With Tango Discovery Master Teacher Ravi Khalsa

I began studying with Mauricio Castro in 2003. At the time, my wife and I were experienced partner dancers looking for a way to have more fun dancing. We found it in Argentine Tango with Mauricio and Tango Discovery!

Mauricio was training teachers back then and I began making regular trips to Buenos Aires for workshops and private lessons. Eventually, Mauricio certified me to teach the Tango Discovery Method. Since then, I have helped Mauricio produce training materials, mostly proof reading English translations. This has given me unprecedented access to Mauricio and a deep understanding of Tango Discovery.

I have countless hours of dancing and practicing, have trained dancers for many hours of group and private lessons and have taught tango workshops in North America, all exclusively in the Tango Discovery Method.

Times have changed, and for the better! You don't have to go to Buenos Aires to be trained by Mauricio. Just follow this link to access Mauricio Castro's online training system. A lot of time and effort has gone in to making the best tango training on the planet available. Check it out!

For right now, I am not teaching any regular group classes but I am available for private lessons and workshops. Send me an email!

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Private lessons with Tango Discovery Master Teacher Ravi Khalsa

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“The performance was AWESOME.....I think the best part was that each of us was enjoying tango more than performing on stage. Girls and guys were looking pretty and the almost 4 minutes song was INTENSE (Ravi's style). The final part was a full of passion kiss of Carla and Gustavo and all of us throwing roses to the audience. Thanks a lot for all your GAUCHO energy,” - Patricia, Javier, Abigail, DJ, Ted, Marcela, Carla and Gustavo

“We are both very pleased to have found the best and most relaxed Tango Teacher in the States, and just around the corner.” - Jim & Rea, who have taken lessons with tango teachers in the US and in Argentina.

“As a first generation American from Argentinean parents, most Sundays were spent with family, friends and tango. My 100% Swedish husband has been able to not only learn but enjoy the tango, thanks to Ravi and Satya. Ravi is particularly talented in teaching men more than the steps, he’s the only one I've seen both abroad in Argentina and home in the US where it’s first about the passion then you find yourself doing the steps without the intimidation. The first lesson, we walked out being able to dance the basics as a couple. Thank you Ravi and Satya! We only refer our friends to you.” - Tiffany

“I have really enjoyed learning the smooth moves of Argentina Tango and will be back. You are a great teacher.” - Rob

“Thank you and your wife for the wonderful class you gave tonight. It was my first encounter with you and I am delighted to finally have the opportunity to learn from you. As you know, I am struggling with the sacada... But without the proper teaching, all of my practice and attempts were for naught. Now I have the tools and someday will be able to do them automatically and smoothly. Again, my heartfelt thanks. I like your approach to Tango and dance.” - Lainie

I had a fantastic weekend, tango was great!! I saw a huge improvement. Ravi is a great teacher I sure hope he keeps coming back.” - Cindy

“I am certain that had the workshop been similar to what we’ve taken before, with the emphasis on committing to memory a particular sequence and pattern of steps, we would have easily become frustrated and discouraged. This way is so freeing… It was almost like the art of learning technique without learning technique.” - Bridget

Tango Discovery is…

The future of Argentine Tango!

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Tango Discovery is the fastest way to learn Argentine Tango.

Ravi and Satya Khalsa are Tango discovery Master Teachers, the only MTs in North America.

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